1/72 Revell Hawker Hunter FGA.9

Gallery Article by Rodrigo Rejas - BlackLight on Sept 18 2009

Chile Independence Day 


1/72 Revell, Hawker Hunter FGA.9, Chilean Air Force - FACh

What a beautiful aircraft...the Hunter was one of the most successful aircraft of the 50's and maybe, of all times.

Chile was one the biggest and long-lasting users of the Hunter (retired in 1995) and served very well in our skies for 30 years! Due to some information I can regathered, this particular Hunter "J-703" participated in the coup of 1973 using SURA rockets and two drop tanks, belonging to Aviation Group Nº7 (Grupo de Aviación Nº7) based in the north side of the country.

And the kit is one of the best ones I have build up. Excellent details, cockpit, ejection seat, easy to fix and good decals too. To complete a closer look Hunter of 1973, I made some scratch improvements like the SURA pods and rockets, using some thin plastic tubes and needle heads. The result of this looks very realistic to me in this scale (despite of the lack of the rockets stabilizers).

Some of the decals are home-made using the Testors decal set (like the serial nº) and the national emblems and stars comes from a Chilean decal set.

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For the painting I used Model Master enamels and for the little weathering only oil washes and dry pastels. A matt varnish coat (Testors spray) sealed the final job.

Regards from Chile,

Feliz 18!! ;)

Rodrigo Rejas - BlackLight

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